"It is better to grow a child than to repair a man."

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  1. The September meeting will be on Sunday, Sept. 4 at YWAM, 1 Kent Rd., Surrey Hills. We had earlier indicated that we would start having some Saturday theme meetings. However, the last several meetings have all been "special" meetings, and we did not feel that a theme meeting was right for September.

    With the number of people who have attended at various times, there are enough people to have more than one support group. A regular support group meeting needs to be small enough to do what the name implies - provide support to one another. Larger meetings have their place - and the past few meetings have certainly been profitable - but these larger meetings cannot replace the support group meeting.

    We believe that there are enough people for whom Sunday is a good day to make up a regular support group meeting on Sunday. However, if there are people who want to have a regular support group meeting on Saturdays, we are happy to act as a co-ordinating point for such a meeting. If everyone who would like a regular Saturday support group meeting writes to us, we will in turn send out a list of all who have written so you can arrange a support group with Saturday meetings.

  2. This teaching newsletter does not have a subscription. Some of you have asked if you could contribute, and we gladly accept the help. Our cost of sending you newsletters is approximately $.75 per month. As long as the cost remains moderate, we prefer to avoid using a subscription because it saves us the effort of keeping track of subscriptions. Also, while we intend to write newsletters in the future, we may not be able to always keep a monthly commitment which is implied by a subscription.


In August, we had a fruitful afternoon with Stephen McDowell explaining the principle approach to education. It certainly whet the appetite for more information! Shortly after that, we were given the opportunity to have a seminar with Peter Frogley and Light Educational Ministries. Even though, Peter is not as involved with home schooling as Stephen McDowell, he and his people are very competent in the principle approach. Below are details of the upcoming seminar.

�Home Schooling Seminar�