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Dear Friends,

The months since our last FHC letter have seen busy times, time of seeking the Lord's plan in our family, and times of awe at the goodness of the Lord in answering prayer faithful to His Word! 1. How we deal with government - Home schoolers and Romans 13 ideas.

2. NAFTA and Mexico - problem is corruption. IN trade, perhaps lesson of moving too fast.

3. Cautions with dealing with evil. -Eph 5 warning to not mention -Ex 23 :13 - don't mention names of Greek Gods -old myths are charming. Modern ones look absurd - consider "centuries of rage" defense of mountain lion killing a person. This is mythology. -Paul never mentions Greek Gods. Only NT mention is when they tried to call Paul and Barnabas (or was it Silas) gods.


4. Schools - school board experience - myth of local schools held by many. problem is not fundamentally OBE, but the whole idea of central control.

5. In light of "Toronto Blessing", note balance of testimony and word. Our testimony of hearing Biblical basis and testimony of day to day life. Home education is part of sound instruction so that God can unleash more powerful experience.

6. Think of family of "kingdom of priests" - yes this is to include the children. Try to throw off "laity" idea (OT Layman=stranger,outider,"strange filre") NT=lay from people.

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