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A Prayer Reference

to New Testament Prayers


Earl & Diane Rodd

The purpose of this reference is to lead the reader to practical application in prayers so that prayers will be according to God's will knowing that when we pray according to His will, He hears and when He hears, He answers (I John 5 :15). The prayer reference lists many prayers in the New Testament with outlines of the contents of the prayers. Prayers are discussed according to who prayed, according to where they are found, and according to the subject of the prayers.

A Prayer Reference

to New Testament Prayers

Families Honoring Christ

"But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart
and a good conscience and a sincere faith."

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1st edition - July 1994

2nd edition - March 1997

3rd edition - April 2000

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Unless otherwise noted, All Scripture quotations are from the

New American Standard Bible, Copyright 1988,

The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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A Prayer Reference

to New Testament Prayers

This prayer reference is offered to assist the reader in applying the wealth of examples in the New Testament to each person's own prayers. Sometimes, we find ourselves not praying because we cannot figure out how to pray and sometimes we lapse into prayers based upon tradition rather than sound doctrine or the quickening of the Holy Spirit.

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The following scriptures are Jesus' example in prayer

  1. Matthew 14 :22-23 Prayer alone in the evening.
  2. Matthew 17 :14-21 Prayer sometimes needs fasting.
  3. Matthew 19 :13-15 Prayer by touching people with His hands.
  4. Mark 1 :35 Prayer alone in early morning.
  5. Mark 6 :46-47 Prayer alone during the day.
  6. Luke 3 :21-22 Prayer opens the heavens to hear the voice of our Father.
  7. Luke4 :42 Prayer in a lonely place.
  8. Luke 5 :15-16 Prayer alone to rest after successful obedience.
  9. Luke 6 :12-13 Prayer alone to recognize disciples, a love team.
  10. Luke 9 :18-27 Prayer alone prepares for "cross" experiences.
  11. Luke 9 :28-36 Prayer enables others to "see" into the heavenly realm.
  12. Luke 11 :1-4 Example of prayer gives others desire to pray.
  13. Luke 22 :31-32 Prayer for faith of others to not fail.
  14. John 17 Prayer for believers to be sanctified in truth, to be one in Jesus' glory; to be perfected in unity. The world knows Jesus was sent; Father loves as He loves Jesus.

The following scriptures are taken from the teaching of Jesus, James, Paul, Peter, Jude, and John to clarify the correct motives or attitudes in prayer.

  1. Matthew 6 :5-8 Attitude toward Father God.
    1. Forsake man's approval or notice.
    2. Pray to Father in secret.
    3. Expect Father to repay (answer).
    4. Forsake many words.
    5. Remember Father already knows the need.
  2. Matthew 6 :9-15 Pattern for prayer.
    1. Pray to "Our Father."
    2. Know He is Heavenly not earthly.
    3. Know the holiness and power of the Father's name.
    4. Know the name of Jesus is above every other name.
    5. Ask for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.
      1. Kingdom of God - Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14 :17-19).
      2. Ask for Father's kingdom to come on earth where you are (Acts 1 :8- Jerusalem).
      3. Ask for Father's kingdom to touch others who are around you (Acts 1 :8 - Judea, Samaria).
      4. Ask for the ripple effect of a stone thrown into water (Acts 1 :8 - remotest parts of the earth).
  3. Ask for Father's perfect will to come on earth as it is in heaven in other people and places. God's word reveals that His will is good, acceptable and perfect (Romans 12 :2).
  4. Do not ask for your own will or another's unless it coincides with God's will.
  5. Ask for daily food (spiritual and physical).
  6. Don't be greedy or worried about the future (tomorrow [Matthew 6 :34]).
  7. Ask for forgiveness of your own sins, debts, trespasses, iniquities as the Holy Spirit reveals the root of unbelief and its symptoms (John 16 :7-11).
  8. Forgive those who have sinned against you. Forgive yourself.
  9. Ask for deliverance from evil (satan and his schemes against you and others {fruit of the flesh, end times deceptions, false prophets, false teachers,demons, strongholds in mind and body etc.}), geographical principalities and institutional powers.
  10. James 1 :1-8 - Remember:
    1. Maintain your joy.
    2. Faith obedience needs endurance or steadfastness through God's love and patience.
      1. Don't give in to less than the Father's perfect will: (1) good (2) acceptable (3) perfect.
      2. Don't become double-minded &/or doubt the perfect will of God and His ways.
    3. Endurance leads to maturity and completeness.
    4. Ask and receive wisdom for every situation which needs God's perfect will to be manifested on the earth.
    5. Ask in faith and confidence according to God's Word (Luke 11 :1-13). As Holy Spirit reveals Father's will, and Jesus reveals Father's ways, the Triune Godhead may want you to record God's wisdom for yourself as a reminder &/or to share with others in God's perfect timing.
    6. Doubt and doublemindedness occur for the following reasons:
      1. Ignorance of God's good, acceptable and perfect will (Rom 12 :2). Reading, studying, and meditating God's word is the only way to be confident of His perfect will (Hebrews 4 :11). The words of Jesus reveal Father's will, and His ways. The epistles give specific details.
      2. Satanic resistance to God's perfect will. Satan attempting to impose his own will.
      3. Human resistance to God's perfect will.
        1. Desire your own will.
        2. Desire the will of another person.
        3. Doubt is wavering about Father's will.
        4. Double-mindedness is not being fully assured of God's will or His ways.
        5. Doubt &/or double-mindedness lead to deception when emotions and human(demonic) logic convince God's will is not good, acceptable or perfect.
      4. Rejection of Father's perfect will.
        1. Unbelief knows God's perfect will but rejects it.
        2. Spirit of fear triggers emotion of fear which blocks awareness of Father's perfect love (2Timothy 1 :7 :1John 4 :18).
  11. Refuse every thought, word, feeling emotion or behavior that is contrary to the Father's perfect will (II Corinthians 10 :3-6).
The following scriptures from the Gospels are specific topics or instructions for prayer as taught by the Lord Jesus Christ.
  1. Pray for enemies - Matthew 5 :43-48 - love those who persecute you or others.
  2. Attitude toward enemies - Luke 6 :27-38 - love, do good, bless, give, forgive, pardon (release).
  3. Pray for workers for God's harvest - Matthew 9 :35-38; Luke 10 :1-2 - compassion.
  4. Faith for prayer - Matthew 21 :12-22; Mark 11:20-24 - no doubt, double-mindedness or unbelief in the heart; believe, ask, and speak with faith, love, and confidence for change to occur; receive the answer when you pray.
  5. Persistence in prayer - Luke 11 :5-10 - Ask, seek, knock.
  6. Prayer for Holy Spirit - Luke 11 :11-13 - Father gives.
  7. Priority of Prayer - Mark 11 :15-18 - all nations (all people, every individual.
  8. Right attitude towards others - Mark 11 :25-26 - Forgive so you are forgiven. Faith operates through love; love and patience; love and forgiveness.
  9. Right attitude for prayer - Mark 12 :38-40; Luke 18 :1-14 - humility, unassuming.
  10. Prayers for times of distress - Matthew 24 :20-28; Mark 13 :18-23 - don't follow false prophets, false Christs, false signs and wonders; Luke 21 :34-36 - be on guard against worries of life, be alert, strength to escape and to stand true.
  11. Battle for prayer - Matthew 26 :36-46; Mark 14 :32-42; Luke 22:40-46 - spirit is willing, flesh is weak, keep watching; prayer = victory over temptation to go into unbelief; to disagree with God.
  12. Jesus' answer to abortion (legal/illegal) problem - Luke 23 :26-31 - weep.

Corporate Prayer of the Early Church

  1. Before day of Pentecost - Acts 1 :14 - Results of prayer = 3,000 souls added to the church in response to Peter's sermon.
  2. Devoted to Prayer - Acts 2 :42-43 - Results of prayer = Awe, wonders, signs.
  3. Lame man healed - Acts 3 :1-4 :14 .
  4. Acts 4 :23-31 -
    1. Actual Prayer
      1. Pray to Creator.
      2. Holy Spirit in prophetic scripture.
      3. Threats of civil authorities, Gentiles and Jews.
      4. Confident expression of God's will.
      5. Asked God to heal.
      6. Asked for signs and wonders in Jesus' name.
    2. Results of Prayer
      1. Place of prayer shook.
      2. All present were filled with the Holy Spirit.
      3. All received boldness to speak the Word of God.
      4. The book of Acts is filled with the healings, signs and wonders that occured.
  5. Devoted to Prayer - Acts 6 :4-7
    1. Results of prayer:
      1. Word of God spread.
      2. Number of disciples increased.
      3. Religious became obedient.
  6. Samaritans received the Holy Spirit - Acts 8 :14-17 .
  7. Saul is praying Acts 9 :11-19 - Result of prayer = Ananias agreed with God, received vision and direction to minister to Saul, to assist him, to serve him.
  8. Peter prays - Acts 9 :40-42 - Result of prayer = Dorcas raised from the dead and many believe.
  9. Cornelius prayed continually - Acts 10 :1-48 - Result of prayer = Angelic visitation for guidance; He received message of salvation and Holy Spirit fell upon all whom he had gathered to his home.
  10. Many praying together - Acts 12 :1-24 - Result of prayer = Peter released from prison by angels; Herod removed as king.

Paul, Barnabas and others sent out by Holy Spirit on various journeys .

  1. Ministering to the Lord and fasting - Acts 13 :2-52 - Result of prayer = Gentiles at Antioch believed and received eternal life.
  2. Acts 14 :8-10 Lame man at Lystra healed.
  3. Prayer and fasting - Acts 14 :23 - Result of prayer = Elders appointed for newly established churches in Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch.
  4. Women praying together - Acts 16 :11-18 - Result of prayer = Praying women receive gospel in Philippi; slave girl set free from a spirit of divination.
  5. Paul and Silas praying and singing hymns - Acts 16 :25-34 - Result of prayer = Paul and Silas released from jail by an earthquake; Philippian jailer and his whole household received salvation.
  6. Acts 20 :7-12 - Eutychus raised up alive after his fall from third floor of building where Paul was preaching in Troas.
  7. Acts 20 :31-38 - Paul leaving the Ephesians after 3 years of intercession, preaching and teaching.
  8. Acts 21 :5 - Church in Tyre praying openly on the beach to send Paul on his way to non-believers.
  9. Acts 22 :17-21 - Paul explains to Jews in Jerusalem how his direction and guidance came through a vision of Jesus while he was praying.
  10. Paul prays for sick man - Acts 28 :7-10 - Result of prayer = Malta received gospel and healing; Paul received necessary provisions for his journey.

The following is outlined to give faith, confidence and perseverance during special times with the Lord.

  1. Romans 1 :8-15 Book of Romans is result of Paul's prayer born out of his desire to preach to the believers in Rome.
    1. Thank God through Jesus Christ for faith being proclaimed in the whole world.
  2. Romans 8 :26-28 Holy Spirit within believers intercedes for the saints according to God's will. Groans too deep for words.
  3. Romans 10 :1-21 Paul's prayer for salvation of Jews; result is written explanation of the gospel.
  4. Romans 12 :12 Paul's admonition - be devoted to prayer.
  5. Romans 15 :5-6,13 Paul's prayer request can be prayed for us today. Pray to the God of hope who gives perseverance and encouragement to grant the Body of Christ on the earth today to:
    1. be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus;
    2. be of one accord (agree with God);
    3. have one voice to glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ;
    4. fill believers with all joy;
    5. fill believers with all peace;
    6. fill believers with true belief;
    7. fill believers with abundant and abounding hope;
    8. fill believers with the power of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Romans 15 :30-33 Paul's prayer request motivated by the love of the Holy Spirit can be prayed for us today. Pray for:
    1. deliverance from those who are disobedient;
    2. acceptable service to believers;
    3. God to bring believers to meet each other in joy and find refreshing rest.
Prayer concerns found in the letters to the Corinthians
  1. 2 Corinthians 1 :4 - Give thanks to God for the grace given believers in Christ Jesus. Thanks for gifts of speech, knowledge and testimony that confirms Christ is in His believers.
  2. 2 Corinthians 7 :1-5; 11 :1-18 Married couples expected to be praying; Men and women's approach to prayer: men pray with head uncovered; women pray with head covered.
  3. 2 Corinthians 14 :1-19 Speaking in tongues in private prayer leads to public proclamation. Spirit prays in tongues; mind needs interpretation to understand. Ask for interpretation.
  4. 2 Corinthians 1 :1-11 Prayers of believers helped Paul through extremely difficult trials and experiences of persecution in Asia Minor.
  5. 2 Corinthians 9 :10-15 Macedonian church prays for Corinthian church, and Corinthian church supplies money to Macedonian church.
  6. 2Corinthians 13 :7-9 Paul's prayer for Corinthian believers and us when we are seeking the approval of man.
    1. Do no wrong.
    2. Do what is right.
    3. Be complete.
    4. Be put in perfect order.
    5. Rejoice.
    6. Be like-minded.
    7. Live in peace.
    8. Experience God's love and peace.
    9. Greet with a holy kiss.
    10. Receive and experience the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    11. Receive the love of God our Father.
    12. Receive the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
Paul's prayers found in the letter to the Ephesians .
Pray Ephesians 1 :15-19 for the Body of Christ on the earth today.
  1. Pray believers will give unceasing thanks to God.
  2. Ask for a spirit of wisdom for all believers.
  3. Ask for a spirit of revelation in the knowledge of Jesus Christ to be released within all believers.
  4. Ask for the eyes of our heart(spirit) to be enlightened so that:
    1. we know the hope of Christ's call on our lives.
    2. we experience and know the riches of Christ's glorious inheritance within us who believe.
    3. we know how great Christ's power is toward us.
    4. we stay in belief and faith.
Pray Ephesians 3 :14-21 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Ask that believers humbly bow before our Father God, as members of His family.
  2. Ask Father God for the power of the Holy Spirit to give strength in the inner man so that Christ and His riches have a permanent place within believers because we are rooted and grounded in faith and love.
  3. Ask Father God for the ability to comprehend with other saints the width, length, height, and depth of God's love flowing within us.
  4. Ask Father God to give us comprehension beyond mental knowledge of the full measure of Christ's love.
  5. Ask Father God that all believers be full of the fullness of God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).
  6. Believe Father God wants to do beyond what the mind of believers can ask or think according to Christ's power working within us!
  7. Thank Fathe God for glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and forever.
Pray Ephesians 6 :18-20 for the Body of Christ on earth today. Pray for believers to pray and petition with perserverance and alertness at all times in the Holy Spirit for all believers.
  1. Pray for all believers to share the gospel boldly with mouths filled with Father God's words because the heart is filled to overflwoing with love for Him.
Paul's prayers found in the letter to the Philippians
Pray Philippians 1 :3-6 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Ask that all believers give thanks with joy for all who are sharing the gospel.
  2. Ask that all believers be confident of the good work God is perfecting in all of us.
Pray Philippians 1 :9-11 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Ask for love to abound more and more because real knowledge and discernment are present.
  2. Ask for believers to be sincere and blameless when Christ returns because they know which things in life are excellent.
  3. Ask that believers be filled with the fruit of righteousness (rightly related to the Father through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ) which brings praise and glory to God.
Philippians 1 :19-21 Prayer for those in prison for testimony of Christ. We may also pray Paul's prayer for ourselves and others who may be bound by invisible chains.
  1. Deliverance
  2. Provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ
  3. No shame in anything
  4. Boldness
  5. Christ exalted in our bodies by life or death.
Pray Colossians 4 :2-4 for believers who are in prison. This is Paul's instructions for prayer while he was in prison.
  1. Be devoted to prayer.
  2. Be alert in prayer.
  3. Have an attitude of thanksgiving.
  4. Pray for an open door for those in prison to speak the word of God clearly.
Pray Hebrews 13 :3 for believers who are imprisoned for their faith.
  1. Pray for believers who are ill-treated as desperately as if it were you. Many are tortured, imprisoned, starved, humiliated, raped and killed.
Philippians 4 :4-7 Prayer and attitude of one who prays
  1. Rejoice! Rejoice!
  2. Have no anxiety or worry about anything.
  3. Make prayer requests known to God with thanksgiving.
  4. Experience peace of God that guards the heart and mind.
Paul's prayers found in the letter to the Colossians
Pray Colossians 1 :3-6 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Be like Paul always praying and giving thanks for all believers.
Pray Colossians 1 :9-14 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Ask for believers to have unceasing prayer for one another.
  2. Ask that we be filled with the knowledge of God's will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding
  3. Pray that we will be able to walk in a manner worthy of our Lord.
  4. Pray that we please God in all respects (agree with Him).
  5. Ask for believers to bear good fruit in every good work they do.
  6. Pray that we keep increasing in our knowledge of God.
  7. Pray that believers are strengthened with all power according to power of God's glory.
  8. Pray that we will be steadfast and patient.
  9. Pray that believers will joyfully thank the Father:
    1. for qualifying us to share in the saints' inheritance;
    2. for delivering us from the domain of darkness;
    3. for transferring us into Jesus' kingdom;
    4. for redeeming us;
    5. for forgiving our sins:
Epaphras' prayer for the Colossians
Pray Colossians 4 :12 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray that believers will labor earnestly in prayer for one another.
  2. Ask for believers to:
    1. stand firm;
    2. stand perfect or complete;
    3. be fully assured of God's will in our lives on earth;
Paul's prayers for the Thessalonians
Pray 1 Thessalonians 1 :2 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray that believers will always give thanks for one another.
  2. Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal specific names of individuals, of families, by street, by neighborhood, by locality, by tribe, by city, by state, by nation, by hemispher, by continent.
Pray 1 Thessalonians 3 :9-13 for the Body of Christ on earth today
  1. Pray that believers will pray earnestly day and night to see (or find) each other.
  2. Pray that we will be made complete.
  3. Pray that we will increase and abound in love for one another.
  4. Pray that our love for one another is established in our hearts in holiness.
  5. Pray that our love and holiness prepare us for Jesus' return.
1 Thessalonians 5 :16-18, 23 Prayer and attitude of one who prays :
  1. Always rejoicing.
  2. Praying without ceasing.
  3. Giving thanks for everything.
  4. Never quenching the Holy Spirit.
  5. Never despising prophetic words.
  6. Examining everything carefully.
  7. Holding fast to what is good.
  8. Abstaining from every form (appearance) of evil.
  9. Asking for the God of peace to sanctify believers entirely.
  10. Asking for the body, soul and spirit of believers to be kept complete and blameless for Jesus' coming.
  11. Experiencing His faithfulness in His "moment by moment" communication.
  12. Knowing He, not us, reveals and brings His will to pass.
Pray 2 Thessalonians 1 :11-12 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Always asking God to make believers worthy of their calling by keeping their being in agreement with the Tri-unity.
  2. Praying that believers fulfill every desire for goodness.
  3. Praying that believers have the power to fulfill the work of faith and love by agreeing with God.
  4. Praying that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified in believers through the grace of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray 2 Thessalonians 2 :16-17 for the Body of Christ on the earth today
  1. Asking that our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope by grace,
  2. Asking them to comfort and strengthen the hearts of all believers in every good work and word.
Pray 2 Thessalonians 3 :1-5 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Praying God's word spreads and runs rapidly and is glorified.
  2. Praying that believers are delivered from perverse and evil men who do not have faith (agree with God).
  3. Praying that the Lord directs the hearts of believers into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ.
Pray 2 Thessalonians 3 :16-18 for the Body of Christ on the earth today.
  1. Praying that the Lord Himself continually grants peace in the circumstances of every believer.
  2. Praying that the Lord is with each and believers.
  3. Praying the the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is with all believers.
Prayer concerns found in Paul's letters to Timothy
Pray 1 Timothy 2 :1-10 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Make entreaties, prayers, petitions and thanksgivings for all men.
  2. Pray for these (and others) by name if you can.
  3. Pray for people groups:
    1. Those caught in religious traditions and errors that keep the word of God from being expressed with power and compassion: Jews, Muslims, Buddists, Hindus, Protestants, Catholics, New Age, satanists, witches, etc.
    2. Those caught in ungodly lifestyles: unwed mothers, homosexuals, feminists, lesbians, thieves, murderers, etc.
    3. By their calling: fathers, mothers, single parents, grandparents, children, housewives, garbage collectors, taxi-drivers, factory workers, media, small business owners, lawyers, doctors, teachers, college students, retirees, widows, widowers, nurses, car mechanics, truck drivers, pilots, stewardesses, etc.
  4. Pray for those in authority - elected and not elected; legal and illegal; (president, dictators, kings, queens, prime ministers, caliphs, cabinets, supreme courts, judges, governors, premiers, congress, senate, parliaments, state legislature, local government, mayor, council, policemen, military).
  5. Pray that they all be saved.
  6. Ask that they come to a knowledge of the truth - One God, One Mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ; the ransom for all.
  7. Ask that they come to a knowledge of the truth wherever there is error.
  8. Pray for men believers to pray with holy hands, hands lifted up, with no wrath or dissension in our ranks.
  9. Pray for women believers to dress in modest and discreet clothing.
Pray 1 Timothy 4 :4-5 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray that believers will sanctify their food by prayer and the Word of God no matter where they may be eating. Pray that they be grateful in knowing that all God has created is good.
Pray 1 Timothy 5 :5 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray that widows will see their importance to the Body of Christ on the earth and will be inspired, guided, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to pray day and night. See Luke 2 :36-38.
Pray 2 Timothy 1 :3-4 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray that believers will be motivated, guided, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to pray night and day, constantly for other believers.
  2. Pray that we will thank God.
  3. Pray that we will serve Him with a clear conscience.
Paul's prayers found in Philemon
Pray Philemon 1 :4-7, 22 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Always thank God when mentioning name of the believer to Him.
  2. Pray believers will move in love and faith toward all believers and toward all men.
  3. Pray for believers' fellowship of faith to be effective by knowing every good thing which Christ has placed within the believers, His Church.
  4. Pray for believers to be mobile and to be released to minister.
Prayer record in Hebrews - JESUS' example of desperate prayer to be able to obey the Father's will.
Pray Hebrews 5 :7-10 for the Body of Christ on earth today to:
  1. have loud crying and tears in prayers and supplications for God's will to rule over man's will; follow Jesus example.
  2. learn obedience to Jesus the source of eternal salvation;
Pray Hebrews 13 :18-19 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray for believers to conduct themselves honorably in all things so that they have a good conscience.
Pray Hebrews 13 :20-21 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray for the God of Peace, through the blood of the eternal Covenant to
    1. equip believers in every good thing to do the Father's will;
    2. work in believers that which pleases the Father.
Prayer instruction found in James
Pray James 5 :13-20 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray that those who are suffering will pray in faith.
  2. Pray that those who are cheerful will sing praises.
  3. Pray that elders in the Body of Christ will
    1. pray in faith;
    2. anoint with oil;
    3. use the name of Jesus with power;
    4. minister Christ's forgiveness for sins and see the sick in their midst restored.

  4. Pray that members of the Body of Christ will be willing to humbly confess their sins to one another and to pray for one another so that healing will be evidenced in the Body of Christ.
  5. Pray that believers use prayer according to the Holy Spirit to affect the weather for God's purposes on the earth.
  6. Pray that believers have confidence that their prayers for anyone straying from the truth will be effective to bring that one back to the truth.
Prayer instruction written by Peter
Pray I Peter 3 :1-7 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray for Spirit-led submission of wives to their own husbands.
  2. Pray that this results in obedient Spirit-led husbands who love and obey the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Pray that wives are totally free from a spirit of fear.
  4. Pray that husbands can recognize the weaknesses of their wives so as to protect them from the snare of the devil.
  5. Pray that husbands know how to live with their wives in an understanding way that brings peace and joy to their home.
  6. Pray that husbands grant their wives honor as a fellow-heir of the grace of life.
  7. Pray that husbands and wives learn to pray together so that their prayers are answered.
Pray I Peter 3 :10-12 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. The Lord wants to hear our prayers, but we must:
    1. guard our tongues;
    2. turn away from evil;
    3. seek peace with all men;
Pray I Peter 4 :7 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray that believers will have sound judgment and a sober spirit for the purpose of prayer.
John's prayer for believers Pray III John 1 :2 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Pray for prosperity in the soul of believers.
  2. Pray for prosperity in all things for believers.
  3. Pray for good health in the bodies of believers.
Prayer instruction found in Jude Pray Jude 1 :20-23 for the Body of Christ on earth today.
  1. Praying in the Holy Spirit:
    1. builds up the one who is praying;
    2. keeps one in the love of God;
    3. keeps one waiting anxiously for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. Praying in the Holy Spirit:
    1. is a ministry of mercy.
      1. If you see doubt in another or experience it yourself, ask for mercy.
      2. If you see someone in the "fire",
        1. cry desperately for salvation;
        2. snatch them out of the fire;
        3. save them.
      3. If you see someone polluted by the flesh (self-centered; self-willed), ask for mercy with fear for yourself and for them as you seek to replace the defilement with the Spirit of true holiness.
Pray Jude 1 :24-25 . Know, believe and proclaim that God is able and willing:
  1. to keep believers from stumbling;
  2. to make believers stand in His glorious presence:
    1. with no blame;
    2. with great joy;
  3. to reveal Himself as the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord
    1. who did receive before all time, who will receive now in the present and who will receive in the future and forever:
      1. glory
      2. majesty
      3. dominion
      4. authority
Prayer as seen in Heaven
Revelation 5 :8; 8 :1-5
  1. There is silence in heaven when God dispenses His angels to bring His answers from heaven down to earth in response to the prayers of His believers.
  2. God's answers are sometimes accompanied by natural phenomena on the earth, such as thunder, lightning and earthquakes.

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