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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Earl & Diane Rodd

The Parable of the Unified Golfers

One day four golfers participated in a golf scramble (*). On the 5th hole, they were pitching from about 20 yards off the green and spoke of the need for one of them to get very close to the hole. One hit an errant shot. The other three hit shots within 1 foot of each other, but sadly about 12 feet from the hole. Thus, the team had much unity, but failed.

On the 7th hole, the team had a 12 foot put. This time all four team members were in unity. They all hit a putt which missed the hole by 1 inch on the right side of the hole. Thus the team achieved unity, but failed.

The Bible teaches us the value of unity; however, unity is not an end in itself! Finding the truth matters more than unity. Unity of error is not Godly.

(*) In a scramble, four players play together as a team and have just one score for the team. Each player hits a shot. Then the team decides which shot is best and all four members of the team then hit from that place.

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