The Kingdom of Time

A Parable


Diane Rodd

The Kindgom of Time dedicated to the King of Time and Eternity is respectfully submitted to a small group of people who learned to recognize the Holy Spirit in each other and then were scattered as good seed to produce eternal fruit wherever they were deposited. May each continue to obey His voice and bear good fruit for His Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Time

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The Kingdom of Time

A Parable

There once was a King who was wiser than any king before him or any who have ever come after him, and he had to leave his Kingdom of Time to go on a long journey to oversee his Kingdom of Eternity. He was so wise that he was able to put much of his wisdom into a single book. He was very selective in this book and included only those things which were absolutely necessary to maintain righteousness, peace and joy always overflowing in his kingdom while he was away.

Many of his subjects refused to believe the King could be so wise or so adept in communicating his wisdom in one single book; so they chose to ignore the King's book and spent most of their time writing and reading other books which proposed theories concerning the maintenance of the Kingdom of Time during the King's absence. These authors were so clever they were able to invent talking books so people wouldn't have to read books for themselves. They could listen to these talking books while doing other work and thus save much time. It was most efficient.

As time passed, many things were invented in the Kingdom of Time to save time, and with the saving of time, people had more time on their hands with nothing to do. To solve this problem a new invention was offfered to the people in the Kingdom of Time. This was so much better than the talking books because one could actually sit down and relax in one's own home while watching and listening to the author talk about his book. These talking/seeing books took up all the free time of the people that was saved by all the mutitudinous inventions that did their work for them. No one cared to spend time with their neighbors or relatives anymore, but no one seemed to really notice. All were too busy doing their own work so they could have lots of money to spend when they had free time.

Even though people were free to live their lives totally independent of one another, there was a great problem in the Kingdom of Time. No one could agree on the best way to govern the Kingdom. Disputes and disharmony could be seen and felt in every sector of the Kingdom. Most people in the Kingdom of Time got used to the disunity even though all agreed there must be a better way. Many subjects devoted their whole lives to discover this better way, and some believed and taught their particular way was the only way to harmony. However, to study the book written by the King of Time seemed too time-consuming to most people, and all agreed that the ways mentioned in the King's ancient book were far too restrictive for the modern Kingdom of Time. It remained unopened.

Every once in awhile, a person born and raised in the Kingdom of Time would tire of all the confusion and disharmony and would decide to read the King's book for himself. Those who took the time to read the King's book for themselves entered a most awesome experience. Something inside them would begin to stir, and they would have a desire to obey what the King had written. The King had put some very strange commands in his book that seemed quite foolish to all who lived in the Kingdom of Time, but the desire to obey and the desire to know the truth about the Kingdom of Time remained strong within those who took the time to study the King's book.

These Litlons (as these pioneer reader/learners were called) discovered that as they obeyed what the King had written, confusion and disharmony began to lessen inside them. This seemed very foolish and not very logical to those who thought they were wiser than the King of Time, and these wiser ones often spent much time and effort trying to discourage, discredit and dispute those who wanted to obey the King of Time. However, the desire for truth was strong, and the Litlons discovered something even more amazing.

At times when they obeyed the written word of the King, they thought they did so because they could hear his voice speaking to them. Now everyone knew the King had gone far, far away such a long, long time ago, and there was no reasonable explanation for anyone to claim he could personally hear the voice of the King. Thus the Litlons who told others they could hear the King's voice suffered terribly at the hands of the wise ones. Many of the Litlons just decided to be quiet about their discovery of hearing the King's voice and just concentrated on telling others about the special commands the King had written in his book to govern the Kingdom of Time.

Because the wise ones were used to talking books and talking/seeing books many refused to take the time to read the King's book for themselves. However, the report of the Litlons did arouse the curiosity of some who were willing to read the King's book as long as the Litlons promised to cease talking about their illogical experience of hearing the voice of the King. So the Litlons agreed. They were so excited about the wise ones who wanted to read the book that they were willing to be very quiet about the secret of obeying the voice of the King. This seemed quite easy to do, but the wise ones rarely discovered the secret of hearing the actual voice of the King.

The Litlons didn't realize that they had disobeyed the voice of the King of Time to gain approval of the Wizons. (The name the wise ones called themselves.)

Some of the Wizons who only read the book of the King but never obeyed what he commanded agreed that the King of Time had not made his wishes very clear. So they began to write other books to explain what the King really meant when He wrote the book to govern the Kingdom of Time.

The Litlons were beginning to realize that the voice of the King wasn't as clear to hear as before and found the books of the Wizons most interesting and sometimes helpful. The Litlons didn't understand that obedience to the King of Time was a very precious and vital key to hearing his voice. Sometimes a Litlon would discover this truth again and would even write a book to explain his experience and discovery, but the wealth and success of the Wizons was very useful in keeping the books of the Litlons hidden away from most people in the Kingdom. Sometimes the Wizons even hired special groups of people whose main job was to search out and destroy the books and meeting places of these Litlons.

The people in the Kingdom who were neither Wizons or Litlons observed all this activity and declared it to be most strange. This behavior of the Litlons and Wizons convinced them that the book left to the Kingdom of Time really couldn't be trusted or used to govern the Kingdom, so they had no desire to read it for themselves. These ones had plenty of activity to keep them very busy in the Kingdom of Time. The truth of the King and His Kingdom was irrelevant.

Soon the books by the Wizons developed into talking books and talking/seeing books just like those who totally ignored the King had been enjoying. This gave those who had once read the book much comfort because now they had saved "time" to have "time" to relax and do the other things which had become so popular in the Kingdom of Time. And wasn't that the purpose of the Kingdom of Time: to save Time.

Many who had discovered the King's book for themselves and had been so full of joy obeying the King's commands and hearing his voice found that their numbers were quite small, and they only discovered each other when the King knew it was absolutely necessary.

However, those who read the King's book but didn't obey his commands seemed to be quite successful in getting large numbers from the Kingdom of Time to join them. Those who enjoyed the most success labeled themselves THE KINGDOM to distinguish themselves from the Kingdom of Time.

The Litlons found this very grievous because they knew the true kingdom was shared by those who heard the voice of the King. They knew the voice of the King was the only way to really understand and follow the will of the King, but the Litlons refused to organize themselves or appoint a leader from among themselves. Somehow they all knew that to appoint a special leader would diminish their loyalty to the King and take his honor away from him. So these Litlons remained few in number; some remained very alone and were often discouraged because they had no logical, reasonable evidence to prove that they knew the King personally. If the Litlons tried to tell others in the Kingdom of Time that the King would speak to them personally if they would obey his commands, they were contradicted by all the work, organization and effort of the Wizons who all agreed that the King didn't work that way anymore, and that he had personally declared in his book who were the special ones who could understand the King's commands better than anyone else, and it would be best for all in THE KINGDOM if the Bigons were heard and obeyed.

Many of the Litlons began to believe the ones who seemed to be wise and so much more successful than they had been. Because the Bigons offered the Litlons security and safety, they began to obey the commands of the Bigons. However, as time passed the Litlons began to lose the joy and peace they once experienced, but they didn't know where it had gone or how to get it back. Every once in awhile the Litlons thought they could hear the King's voice calling to them, but it seemed to be so faint and so indistinct that they weren't certain it was him at all. Some decided that the voice of the king was something they had just imagined and wholeheartedly gave themselves to the work and organization of the Bigons. The Bigons knew best how to build THE KINGDOM for the King, and they had many tasks for everyone who wanted to be involved.

Those in the Kingdom of Time who weren't part of THE KINGDOM who weren't Bigons, or Wizons or Litlons, didn't pay much attention at all to those who were so busy building and running THE KINGDOM for the King. Their activities in saving time so they could have free time to do other activities seemed most important to them. They had discovered something called "recreation" which seemed to be everyone's desire and goal. All in the Kingdom of Time were very occupied in saving time so they could have time to recreate.

It wasn't too long after the Litlons lost their joy that they began to discover that there was an enemy that had to be fought. No longer could they just work to build THE KINGDOM; they now had to defend THE KINGDOM from an enemy who was trying to destroy what they were building. The Litlons found this very discouraging and frightening because they had never encountered the enemy before. They recognized his work because it was the same as they had suffered before they had started reading the King's book. However, they hadn't been bothered by the enemy when they had heard the voice of King and obeyed what he said to do. Obedience must have put a shield around them. But now the Litlons had to learn how to defend themselves against the attacks that came from the enemy, and it was only the Bigons who could teach them how to do it.

The Bigons were expert at making a lot of noise to frighten the enemy away, but the enemy seemed to know where THE KINGDOM'S defenses were weakest so most of the noise/fighting ralleyed around the weakest areas of THE KINGDOM. An offensive strategy against the enemy was never suggested because there was no time to waste on such theories that might not succeed. Defensive battle had been proven to expose where the enemy had been, and rebuilding all the damaged areas of THE KINGDOM where the enemy had attacked took much time, effort, energy and money.

This was a very sad situation because the Litlons who once had been healthy and strong and able to do much for the King, now discoverd they were becoming very weak and were not able to do nearly as much work as they once did when they heard the King speak directly to them and tell them what He wanted them to do. Somehow his voice seemed to include the strength and power and love they needed to obey what he asked them to do. His voice seemed to protect them. They never knew they had to defend themselves against an enemy. They thought the enemy had been defeated by the King just before he left for the Kingdom of Eternity and now had no right to come near those who belonged to the King. The Bigons had to teach the Litlons how to recognize the various tactics of the enemy even though much of it seemed to contradict what the King had written.

This was very hard on the Bigons who wanted to build THE KINGDOM for the King. There was so much work to be done, and there just didn't seem to be enough workers to do it. When new volunteers came in from the Kingdom of Time to help with the work, there just weren't enough Bigons to train them in all the ways of THE KINGDOM. The Litlons couldn't be trusted with this monumental task. The Bigons had realized that no matter how much the Litlons were taught and retrained, they kept insisting that each Litlon had the capacity to hear the voice of the King personally. Even though the Litlons agreed to keep quiet about such nonsense, the Bigons knew they could never change the hearts of the Litlons. Thus the Litlons were given simpler work to keep them very busy so they would forget the voice of the King and have very little time to read the written word of the King.

As the Kingdom of Time continued, the workers in THE KINGDOM grew weaker and weaker. Some became very sick, some refused to eat the food of THE KINGDOM, and some tried to go back into the Kingdom of Time. Everyone in THE KINGDOM knew this was the work of the enemy.

The enemy also caused bickering and harsh words to be spoken among the Bigons, and the strain of the enemy's work that now had gotten within the walls of THE KINGDOM was taking its toll on all the workers.

The Litlons found this new attack of the enemy from within to be most confusing. They had forgotten all about the voice of the enemy, but now the Bigons were telling them they must learn to recognize when the enemy had infiltrated the ranks of THE KINGDOM. There was so much work to do, and their bodies were so tired from repairing all the damage caused by the enemy, and now the Litlons had to go to classes each evening to learn how to recognize the voice of the enemy coming from within THE KINGDOM. Something was terribly wrong, but the voice of the Bigons and the voice of the enemy couldn't be denied. They had seen enough and heard enough to know the Bigons understood such things far better than any simple Litlon had ever experienced or could explain.

The effective and efficient organization of the Bigons convinced many that THE KINGDOM was prospering and running smoothly, just as the King had planned. There were workers running and scurrying and busily doing all they had been told to do by the Bigons. Some fought the enemy full time, some took care of those he had wounded, some wrote books to show how to recognize the enemy's work, some gave lectures on how the enemy's work could be stopped, and a few even explained what the King had said about the enemy. It was all most impressive. A lot was happening in THE KINGDOM. War had been declared!

So much was happening that those from the Kingdom of Time (called Ozzers) came to see what a well-organized kingdom the Bigons were building for the King, and they were much impressed even though they believed the King never did exist. They believed the Wizons had written the book themselves to explain what they observed in the Kingdom of Time. However, the Ozzers from the Kingdom of Time couldn't deny what the Bigons had accomplished, and the Ozzers were very pleased because THE KINGDOM for the King looked so much like the Kingdom of Time. The Ozzers had gotten the wrong impression. They thought the Kingdom for the King was totally different from the Kingdom of Time. They were most relieved to discover there was very little difference at all.

The Bigons were able to convince the Ozzers that the King did indeed exist because THE KINGDOM was so impressive and so efficient. How could there be a Kingdom if there wasn't a King? After the Bigons explained the facts about THE KINGDOM, the Ozzers decided to join in building for the King. They felt very comfortable in THE KINGDOM, and these were exciting times.

The Litlons rejoiced with the Bigons because they now had more workers and more money to use in building THE KINGDOM for the King. Many of the Ozzers who were new to the THE KINGDOM were given large areas of responsibility in THE KINGDOM because they had been trained in the Kingdom of Time in the very same skills that were necessary to build THE KINGDOM. The Litlons now had to get special clearance from their managing Ozzer for all the work they did within THE KINGDOM. It was most efficient and very impressive. Many began to believe that THE KINGDOM was finally reaching its goal: growth, production and efficiency surveys all indicated that THE KINGDOM was saving time.

The Bigons had discovered one secret in building THE KINGDOM for the King. They had learned that one could be taught to talk to the King even though the King wasn't expected to reply. These times of talking to the King became very special because the weak ones in THE KINGDOM often appeared to get stronger during those special talking times. These times of talking to the King became very important to the Litlons. There was something here that seemed very familiar and many of the Oldones would talk of hearing the King's voice often in times past, but the immature Litlons had learned most about the ways of THE KINGDOM from the Bigons, so they believed the Bigons rather than the Oldones. During these special times of talking, the Bigons would announce that the King was present. Everyone would be so enthusiastic. No one could see him, but because the Bigons said he was there, everyone just believed he was. It was really comforting to know that the King would visit THE KINGDOM every once in awhile.

When the Bigons announced the presence of the King, the Litlons found it very sad that his voice couldn't be heard. The Litlons were convinced that the King wanted to speak to all who were present so all could hear his voice at the same time, but it just never seemed to happen that way. There seemed to be too many words, too many voices, and there never seemed to be enough time to wait in silence to hear the King's voice. THE KINGDOM had a time schedule that prevented anyone from wasting time.

Then one day the enemy attacked THE KINGDOM with a new weapon: Death. When it came, a worker would be taken away never to be seen again. The Litlons found it very confusing and frightening because the Bigons used the days of death to teach the CONTRADICTIONS OF THE KINGDOM. They said the King had defeated death and so had those in THE KINGDOM. Therefore death was to be fought and resisted. However, the Litlons were the only ones who noticed that once death came, there seemed to be no power to stop its attack. Death always won. Death stopped life.

In the midst of all the death, damage and destruction, the Litlons found it very hard to believe that they could ever hear the voice of the King again. Life always gave in to death. Time always won over waiting. Every circumstance, every situation seemed to prove that only the Bigons could understand and explain the ways of the King. They were right: time refused to stop.

But one day FREEDOM came into THE KINGDOM. A few Litlons had discovered that if they got very still and very quiet, they could hear the voice of the King. They found it very difficult at first because they had been so well trained to recognize the voice of the enemy that they often believed the voice of the King was the voice of the enemy. The voice of the King could be heard in those quiet moments, but he seemed so far away and it was so difficult to hear him clearly. However, the Litlons soon learned that when they ignored the voices of the Ozzers and the Bigons and the enemy, the voice of the King grew stronger, and as they obeyed the voice of the King, they made the most amazing discovery. They discovered that they had actually found more time to read the original words of the King that he had written in his book.

Something very special was beginning to happen in the the Kingdom of Time. The voice of the King and the written word of the King were beginning to be experienced simultaneously. The voice of the King and the written word of the King were being given to Litlons in strange places and in strange ways, but one thing was the same: THE VOICE AND THE BOOK AGREED! And real life was evidenced. New Litlons were cropping up everywhere.

These Litlons decided to do nothing!!! All the activity and work they had experienced in THE KINGDOM had cured them from trying to build anything! They often came together to share with one another about how the KING was building HIS KINGDOM. They had found the true source of joy, peace and harmony, and they were determined to be ready to meet the KING when he really did come in person to see how the Kingdom of Time had prospered. These Litlons discovered they could serve the KING and help him build HIS KINGDOM very easily. The King gave each one the power, ability, wisdom and strength to follow every one of HIS directions, and HE would cause HIS LIFE to conquer all. It was a most extraordinary way to live in the Kingdom of Time, but many joined the Litlons, and the voice of THE KING was heard and HIS voice and written commands were obeyed, and many were added to HIS KINGDOM.

Even though the Litlons received no recognition or approval from the Ozzers or the Bigons, the reality of the King's presence, the comfort of His voice, and the joy of Life was more than sufficient to keep them lovingly obedient, healthy and wise, and a new spirit entered into the Kingdom of Time. The Litlons called it Love because the King had whispered that same word into so many hearts of the Litlons. The Litlons all agreed that the Book of the King promised Love would never fail and were content to allow Love to be the controlling force in their lives. They actually believed and taught others that Love would eventually overtake the Kingdom of Time.

The Ozzers and the Bigons thought the Litlons were very strange and peculiar people. Their methods and ways of building didn't fit any plan or system that the Kingdom of Time would recognize and support. So the Litlons weren't included in any of THE KINGDOM'S activities. However, every once in awhile a Litlon found his path crossing that of an Ozzer or a Wizon and all in the Kingdom of Time had to admit that Love always won.

"The Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but
righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit."

Read Psalm 81 to begin your search in understanding this parable.

Copyright by Earl & Diane Rodd