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Books and Booklets - Mail Order Price List - 03/05/2018

Course I
Teaching By Example
Establishing Spiritual Authority in Your Home
The Male Role
A 30 Day Immersion in the Goodness of Our Father's Kingdom $1.75 ____________
What it Means for Men to Lead Their Families $1.25 ____________
The Primary Textbook: The Bible - Which Version? Which age? $1.25 ____________
Whole Family Reading the Whole Bible in a year $1.25 ____________
Whole Family Reading the Whole Bible in 2 years $1.50 ____________
The Female Role
A 30 Day Immersion in the Goodness of Our Father's Kingdom $1.75 ____________
Woman - The Beginning $1.50 ____________
Thankfulness $1.50 ____________
To Pray or Not to Pray - a Method of Family Prayer $1.25 ____________
A Prayer Reference to the New Testament $1.50 ____________
Devotions: Examples for Christian Home Educators $1.75 ____________
Renewing the Mind
Training for Royalty (Book) $5.95 ____________
Knowing God - The Purpose of Education $1.00 ____________
Teaching the Fear of the Lord $2.50 ____________
Training Kings - An Example of a Biblical Method of Education $1.25 ____________
Condemnation and Legalism - A Biblical View $1.75 ____________
Notification Pack (Ohio) $1.75 ____________
Educating the soul
The Mind, The Will, The Emotions
Establishing Spiritual Authority -
in the Home/Community
Biblical Education - What is It? $1.75 ____________
God's Outcome Based Education $1.25 ____________
God's Perfect Educational Standard $1.00 ____________
HELP Packet $1.75 ____________
Dealing with Anger $1.50 ____________
Conquering Anger $1.50 ____________
The Way Out of Anger $1.25 ____________
Educating the Body
Language Skills for Obedience
Sharing Within the Family
The Importance of Teaching Phonics Biblically $1.50 ____________
Biblical Intensive Phonics with Arithmetic $3.50 ____________
Instructions for Spelling Notebook $1.00 ____________
List of Common Bible Words - Xref to Other Lists $1.00 ____________
Typing and Phonics Practice(Software) Free online____________
Grieving Over Grammar? $1.50 ____________
Salutations, Greetings, and Exhortations for Personal Letters $1.25 ____________
Course II
Teaching by example
The Male Role
Seek Me That You May Live $1.50 ____________
Prophet, Priest, and King
The Female Role
The True and False Prophetess $1.25 ____________
The Power of the Most High God $1.25 ____________
Pregnancy - A View From the Word of God $1.00 ____________
Renewing the Mind
The Biblical Method of Education $1.25 ____________
Diversity and Absolutes - A Christian Approach to Individual Differences $1.50 ____________
Discipleship of Young Children - Home Training vs. Kindergarten $1.50 ____________
Principles of Choosing Christian Curriculum $1.50 ____________
Families, Dating, and the Bible. $1.50 ____________
Faith For Our Families: Those of Greater Years $1.00 ____________
Educating the Soul
Compulsory Education - Its History and Effects $2.50 ____________
Temptations to Home Educating Families $1.00 ____________
Wise in Our Own Eyes $1.25 ____________
Anger Free Relationships $1.25 ____________
Christian Unity in the Family $1.00 ____________
God's Priorities or Evil Powers - Who Controls Our Home Education $2.50 ____________
Educating the Body
Language Skills for Obedience
Establishing Spiritual Authority in the Community
Home School High School Help Packet $1.50 ____________
Perfectly Pure Powerful Relationships $1.75 ____________
College Help Packet $1.00 ____________
Apprenticeship Help Pack (Future)
Educating the Community
Man, Myths, and the Master $2.50 ____________
The Kingdom of Time (a Parable) $1.00 ____________
Gods view of drama
Prayer, Proclamation, and Protest $1.00 ____________
Entertainment and the Christian Life$1.00____________
Personality, Education, and the Bible (Book)$6.00____________
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FHC can provide support group presentations or all day seminars covering topics in our books and booklets. In addition, Diane can provide a one day seminar on Biblical Intensive Phonics. There is no charge for this service to the Body of Christ.

Earl & Diane are also available to those who would like to spend time in the Lord's presence for inner change and refreshing.

Tapes are available of lectures on Anger (Diane), The Importance of Teaching the Fear of the Lord (Diane), Parental Peer Pressure (Earl), How Husbands and Wives Can Work Together as a Divine Team -Earl & Diane (2 tapes), Diversity and Absolutes - Earl (2 tapes), Principles of Choosing Curriculum (Earl), Teaching Phonics Biblically (Diane), the Biblical Method of Education (Diane), and Stress & Worry for Women (Diane). Tapes are $3.00 each plus tax (Ohio residents) + $.50 shipping per tape.